— Alexander Mangushev, GT conveyors, is with us. Alexander, you saw this place when there was still a swamp here. What are your feelings now?

– Very nice. But in fact, the work is just beginning. Installing the hardware is only half the battle. The most important thing is to teach people, start the equipment, finish everything and correct the shortcomings. I must say right away that there are no big projects without some flaws and shortcomings. But all this is trifles, because already now the plant makes more than 9 million square meters. m per month – less than six months later …. Second point: I am pleased to welcome here Mr. Hong and Mr. Min from the South Korean company WSA (Owner and President of Woosung Autocon Co., Ltd. Sam Whan Min and Sales Director Sungjin Hong – Ed.) . These guys delivered 50% of all equipment to the plant.

– Tell me exactly what.

– VIP-eria (this is the name of the exit from the corrugator): all carts, all accumulation – from the WSA company. We decided to immediately “hit with trump cards” and installed double robots: the first is a stacker, stacks a pattern, the second is a palletizer, stacks a pallet.
The entire palletization area, pallet linings are also from Woosung. Next is the Woosung packaging line with integrated Mosca wrappers and Robopac wrappers.
And here are the rails on which we will additionally install conveyors. We will increase the warehouse of blanks and fully automate the entire plant.

So the work is still going on…

– Now WSA specialists are integrating their corrugated production control system from the sheeter to the finished product called COFAS (Corrugated Factory Automatic System) with the OMP corrugated production planning and management system installed at the plant.
Jobs for COFAS will come from sales and plant planning departments via the OMP interface.
Also, you see an empty space on the right side. In September-October, Asahi processing lines and Vega multi-point folder-gluing lines will be installed here.
I think that within a year we will complete the automatic transport system, install Vega, Asahi equipment and make a site for the production of SRP boxes (these are sites for complex, special die-cutting and multi-point gluing).
This is a huge job. And we are very pleased that for the first time at such a large enterprise we can show that Asian equipment has a lot of advantages.
Among others – after-sales service. This is the efficiency, reliability of staff, the ability to be responsible for their words, equipment, to help in difficult times.
In my opinion, this figure is higher for Asian companies than for European ones. The guys from Korea will never say that we have a day off today or that it’s 11 pm and we can’t solve this issue.
These people are hyper-hardworking, working 24 hours a day. Now the reviews about specialists from South Korea and their equipment are probably the best for the plant.
We are very pleased that the main idea of ​​this enterprise is to collect leading equipment from manufacturers from all over the world. Prior to that, the same non-alternative suppliers were invited to the construction of many plants, who fully completed the entire plant.
We changed the situation, gave people a breath of fresh air, the opportunity to look at corrugated processing with different eyes. Asian equipment, in our opinion, has a place to be.

— Question to Sanjin Hong: how do you feel in Russia?

– Very well. We are glad to see our new installation. It was a great honor for us to complete this project together with Gofro Technologies. We hope that there will be even more such installations in Russia and we will take our place in the market.
Today it is the largest project in Russia for 10 years. Here we have installed a fully automatic transport system from the exit from the corrugator to the shipment of finished products, the COFAS information system.
This is a good opportunity to show what we are capable of as manufacturers. We will film our equipment to show new customers.

-“I would like to thank our colleagues, the Corrugated Machines company,” continues Alexander Mangushev, “for bringing Woosung to the market in Russia. Until recently, we were very skeptical about transport systems from Korea. There were rumors that they couldn’t make fully automatic systems.
But when we started working with WSA, we ourselves did not expect what potential this company had. Woosung can produce any kind of peripheral equipment that is present in the corrugator.

… Finally, I want to make a small announcement. At the RosUpack exhibition, we want to bring the world’s first robot – a barcode sticker that glues the code directly onto the film.
So far, sheets with a barcode are stacked on stacks and wrapped in foil, which makes them very difficult to read. Our robot sticks the barcode on top of the film. This will be the first presentation in Russia and in the world.
Thanks for the interesting story!