MOSCA AG (Germany) is a recognized world leader in the production of equipment for strapping PP, PET tape and stretch film winding. The company was founded in 1966 . All production facilities and the head office are located in Waldbrunn (Germany).

MOSCA equipment is involved in various fields: transportation, postal shipments, printing, food industry, packaging of corrugated packaging — and many others.

For the corrugated industry, the company produces a specially designed line of equipment, which includes:

automatic machines for strapping and leveling bundles after high-speed miniliners;
pallet wrappers of various types and degrees of automation;
high-speed pallet presses;
protection systems to ensure the safety of personnel.

The philosophy of the company is to give the best, so MOSCA pays special attention to quality service, warranty and post-warranty service. The company’s branches are open in more than 40 countries around the world. In the USA alone, the company has more than 5 representative offices with a staff of more than 350 people.

WOOSUNG AUTOCON is a manufacturer from South Korea. Supplier of automated transport systems and equipment for automating the production of plants manufacturing corrugated products.
The company has been on the market since 1980, is a leading manufacturer of logistics automation systems in South Korea and the world since 1995.

Company priorities:

Design and implementation of innovative logistics solutions for production automation using reliable modern equipment, as well as continuous
development of own technologies along with global trends and current challenges in the field of corrugated production.

Top Most Technology is robotic palletization and depalletization systems. All equipment is developed individually in accordance with the operating conditions and customer requirements. Top Most technologies are traditionally used in the paper industry, material processing, warehouse logistics and other areas.

Thanks to the stable quality of goods and excellent service, Top Most received the support of many leading Asian industrial manufacturers. In addition to these, the company also has a significant number of customers in China, Europe, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and India using the Top Most Robotic Palletizing Automation System.

The most advanced technologies will continue to develop professionally and in the context of globalization, as well as continue to offer excellent solutions that help customers optimize performance to achieve the maximum win-win goal.

Top Most Technology has created a very strong professional team spirit and is looking for ambitious people with work experience to join our future.

CHUN TUNG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (CP Roller) was founded in 1987 in Taipei, Taiwan.
The company is a world-famous manufacturer of automated conveyor equipment.
CP Roller exports its equipment to China, Russia, South Africa, Australia and
other countries.
To ensure the highest quality of transport and conveyor equipment, CP Roller manufactures systems in accordance with the highest European quality standards.

Having accumulated extensive experience in packaging lines, Movitec has focused its efforts on the development, production and supply of automatic packaging machines for pallet loads.

Movitec is a manufacturer and, unlike many competitors, is not only engaged in sales, but also creates relationships and maintains long-term obligations to the client due to the high technical and human qualities of its staff, who will fit perfectly into the client’s team.

MOVITEC is a team of professionals working for you!

The company provides complete turnkey solutions as the final product:

Automatic machines for wrapping transport packages with stretch film both on pallets and without them.
Built-in film covering device on top of the cargo.
Integration with palletizing and labeling.
Pallet transportation and storage systems.
Integration with automatic warehouses.
Programming and management.
Integration with existing lines.

The South Korean company Kofas focuses its business on logistics automation, is engaged in research and development for the supply of advanced logistics automation systems from warehouses to logistics conveyors, automated warehouses and picking and sorting systems, including electric mobile jacks.

As a result, it designs and manufactures all automation systems using its own technology and meets the needs of customers using its own technologies, starting from the design of mechanisms, electrical control and software.

Based on the experience gained since its foundation in 1990, the technology of designing and building automation systems, covering all areas of the logistics industry, improves the logistics environment of customers.

Kofas is pioneering the future of the Korean logistics industry through a corporate management policy based on the best technologies, the highest quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Transpak was founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. At the moment, the company is a global manufacturer of strapping machines.

Thanks to its impeccable reputation, constant technological breakthroughs and excellent service, Transpak has been the Asian leader in the production of strapping equipment for more than 30 years.

The company strives to satisfy the tasks of its customers as much as possible and is constantly working to increase the loyalty of partners.

Since the foundation of Transpak, the management, for the speedy technological development of the enterprise, has set itself the task of implementing the first 10—year plan by 1997. The company invested significant funds and resources in research and development, which led to the fruitful growth of the enterprise over the next 10 years. “Innovations stimulate the growth of the company” is the main slogan of the Transpak team.

In 2009, a new 10-year development plan was launched. The company continued to invest in the development of new technologies for packaging equipment, and also began to actively expand its partnerships around the world.

Transpak equipment has long been known in the Russian market and is in high demand. The machines of the Taiwanese manufacturer work at the largest Russian enterprises: from industries of any orientation to logistics companies.

WXHQ provides a wide range of warehouse and automated systems. The company focuses on the development and continuous technological development of conveyor systems. WXHQ is high-quality products and attentive services.