GT conveyors launched the UCB-1250 (MOSCA) automatic strapping machine for the production of JSC Ilim Gofra (Kommunar).
The UCB-1250 machine is a universal bundle wrapper for boxes of complex configuration and multi-point FSU. The equipment allows tying products with complex shapes for 4/6 coal boxes, boxes with a self-assembly bottom, double-walled boxes, etc. Electromechanical levelers of bundles of products without the use of pneumatics. Automatic change of parameters change of strapping formats. Ability to create strapping programs and store them in memory. High availability due to control structure. Automatic and continuous speed control. Minimum downtime in work thanks to the device for automatic pasting of the strapping tape.
The machine has an ergonomic and intuitive touch panel interface. Easy process of control and management of the UCB machine. The strapping module can be quickly removed from the machine thanks to the modular design. This simplifies the maintenance process of the machine.
When dismantling the elements of the welding head, no special tools are required. Gentle product wrapping thanks to variable tension settings and a choice of wrapping modes. Up to 32 wraps per minute for single tying and 20 for parallel tying.