The WSA autofeeder, the Mosca strapping machine and the robotic palletizer helped to increase the productivity of the complex, reduce manual labor and reduce the impact of the human factor on product quality.


– “At the first stage, we launched the EMBA FFG 245 QS Ultima processing line,” says Andrey Kurov, director of the GOTEK Center.

– “This allowed us to increase output based on the medium-format four-flap box and improve print quality. Also, the machine gave more options when designing, in particular, SRP solutions.
Rotary die-cutting units allow for more complex engineering ideas, while five printing units reproduce intricate fine-featured graphic designs on both brown and white board, including coated board.
The machine controls the temperature of the ink, maintaining the working viscosity and ensuring a stable print quality, controls the application of glue to the valve, removes a pack of defective products from the flow, etc. Thus, it minimizes the influence of the operator on the quality parameters of the package.