Sibtara LLC is a large manufacturing enterprise that started its activity more than 22 years ago. The company is one of the strongest in the market of corrugated products and eco-friendly egg packaging in the Siberian region.
The Siberian plant has long been familiar with Mosca (Germany) packaging equipment, therefore, when choosing a new strapping machine, the Sibtara company again chose German quality – the MCB-2/1300 (Mosca) strapping machine.
The MCB-2/1300 is an automatic stack leveling and strapping machine designed to automate the step following container production and prior to transport to storage. The machine allows you to tie up to 25 bundles per minute with simultaneous alignment and clamping of the bundle.
The MCB-2/1300 is completely free of pneumatic components and does not require installation of a compressor, dehumidification or air conditioning device, which greatly increases overall reliability and reduces operating costs. All drive elements of the strapping machine are electric, which simplifies maintenance. The line is assembled on Dunker servo drives (Germany).