Workstation Systems

When the container arrives at the workstation, the image and the number of units required for this order appear on the monitor – this almost completely eliminates the possibility of assembly errors.
After completing the picking of the order, the operator sends the box to the central conveyor or to other areas of the sorting center.
With a partial order, the box moves along the conveyor to the built-in packaging system. It fills the voids of the box and marks for shipment.

Operators can work simultaneously at several stations, regardless of the pace of each other’s work. Workstations open and close as needed during a particular shift.

For comfortable work of operators, workstations should consist of:
1. Ergonomic workbenches and shelves with wide customization options;
2. Weight modules;
3. Automated box seals;
4. Height-adjustable working surfaces;
5. Stations with antistatic coating;
6. Surfaces of easy sliding;
7. Adjustable lighting;
8. Printing labels and scanning systems;
9. Anti-fatigue floor coverings.