Palletizing and depalletizing systems



Depalletizers are used to automate the process of removing containers from a pallet and placing them on a conveyor system. Depending on the type of containers and the way they are placed on the pallet, the depalletization method is selected – sliding or gripping.


Palletizers are used to automate the process of installing group packaging (boxes, boxes, bags, etc.) on a pallet. Depending on the way the package is placed on the pallet and the productivity, palletizing equipment is selected – a layered palletizer or a robot palletizer.
The operation of a layered palletizer is based on a lifting and lowering head with a roller “mat”, on which a layer of packages is formed and pushed onto a pallet. At the heart of the palletizing robot is a multifunctional “arm” with programmable movement in various planes and with multiple or universal grippers. That is why it can work with any kind of product and is a machine of high flexibility, reliability and simplicity. To work in 3, 4 planes, simpler designs of robots on linear guides are used.