Packaging equipment


Strapping equipment
Strapping is the ideal way to secure goods, cartons or packages for safe transport: quickly, efficiently and with minimal use of materials. The harness is suitable for all kinds of materials, sizes and shapes. The packaged products to be sealed are fed into the machine. The machine then lays the PET or PP tape in position around the product and tightens it, after which the ends of the tape are welded either with a hot knife or with our patented SoniXs ultrasonic technology. To remove the strapping, it is enough to pull the soldering seam with force. In addition to strapping machines, we offer a wide range of pallet strapping systems for goods. Pallet strapping machines compress, strap and secure your load on a pallet in one production step, so that the load is immediately ready for shipment.

Winding equipment
The cargo sent to customers must be securely secured during transportation and protected from moisture, dust or other external influences. Additional elastic packaging is an ideal solution for protecting delicate goods. The products are wrapped with a thin layer of film and thus protected from damage from external influences.
Semi-automatic stretch packers perform this task autonomously and wrap goods stacked on pallets with stretch film. Basically there are two types of semi-automatic machines: wrappers with a rotary table and wrappers with a rotary lever.

In packaging machines with a turntable, the load rotates on the turntable in the wrapping area; in models with a rotary lever, the load remains stationary, while a rotating lever with a stretch film rotates around the goods and imposes a film.

Automatic stretch wrappers are usually classified, in particular, as ring wrappers. The film rolls are attached to a rotating ring that rotates around the pallet. Depending on the wrapping program, the ring moves up and down. Unlike turntable machines, packaged goods remain stationary during the packaging process.
Fully automatic ring packers provide high productivity – up to 160 pallets per hour. This level of productivity is especially important for automated lines and gives a clear advantage over semi-automatic stretch packers, which are not able to work at such high speeds.