SATURN S8/S6 high speed wrapping machine


SATURN S8 is a fully automatic ring type stretch film wrapper for palletised goods with a double wrapping head. Film spools are located on a rotating ring that rotates concentrically around the load, rising and falling in accordance with the winding cycle, while the load remains static.


– Different diameters of the winding ring are available: 2300mm, 2600mm, 2900mm.

– Max. productivity: up to 160 pallets/hour.

– Carries out various types of strapping: from bottom to top, from top to bottom, both options at the same time, with protection from dust, from rain (option, use of the TOP COVER system).

– Film savings due to adjustable film pre-stretching system up to 300%.

– Solder at any height.

– Stabilization of the load before wrapping with the help of additional optional equipment (clamping mechanism is an option).

– High performance values.

– Single carriage and double carriage models are available.