KCK/KCT/KCA series pallet presses


The pallet wrapper (pallet-press) type KCK/KCT/KCA is a perfect development of the Mosca company and meets the latest requirements in its field. The machines of these series are high-speed equipment that will allow you to quickly and safely complete pallet strapping tasks in the shortest possible time.
The most significant characteristics that will allow you to achieve high productivity and reliability of the strapping process:

– Auto-centering of the transport package entering the machine.

– Possibility to strap products on pallets and without pallets thanks to the strapping device without pallets (option).

– High speed strapping guides.

– Compression climbing platform with adjustable compression force.

– The device of protection of an edge from below and from above products (option).

– High-speed printing on top edge protectors (option).

– Lifting and turning device for tying products cross-to-cross.

– SoniXs ultrasonic welding head (Mosca patent).

– Clamping device with high speed drive.

– It is possible to work on a tape of any manufacturer without technological reference during the warranty period and after (including domestic production).

– Barcode Scanner.

– It is possible to install the package option High speed Drive to increase productivity above 200 pallets / hour.

– Opportunity for the operator to enter up to 200 programs, which he can then personally configure. The large display allows you to keep track of all processes on the wrapper.