Bundle strapping machine SoniXc TRC-6


– The integrated device of a clip of a pack;

– It is possible to limit the lifting height to increase the speed of the strapping;

– The clamping frame rises only a few centimeters above the bundle being tied, which increases the speed of work;

– In conventional strappers, the clamping bar rises to the upper stop, which increases the strapping cycle time;

– Adjustable clamp allows you to control the height of the press;

– The driven conveyors of the machine are equipped with an opening and removal mechanism to facilitate cleaning and maintenance;

– Separate drives of the device for moving products increase the throughput of products;

– Simplicity of management by means of the digital display;

– Possibility of disassembly/assembly of mechanisms without the use of tools facilitates maintenance of the machine;

– Automatic system for pasting the second coil with tape;

– Using the Evolution SoniXs TRC-6 is a convenient and reliable way to meet your need for quality strapping.